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Introducing Techonauts

Techonauts Pty Ltd has been crafted to share the thrill and art of computer science and engineering. We herald the arts and crafts of Mechatronics, Robotics, Computer Engineering, Software Engineering, and Electronics Engineering; inspiring educators, youth and children.

We have a special focus on healthy computing, and we address issues of computer-use well-being.

Browse through these pages to find workshops, youtubes, articles, courses and content that can get you started in computer programming and robotics.

You'll be in great company as you browse with our home-grown and very helpful flock of computer-savvy Gazazzes...

MIT Scratch, HTML, Javascript, PHP, Linux, IOS, Python, Makey Makey, Raspberry Pi, Lego EV3 (TM) and Lego Technics (TM)

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Fig 1. Yop Tailed Rolling Gazazz