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There is no shortage of instructional, coaching and assessment links for children and youth. However, in our opinion, a great education comes down to well-organised and supportive parents, dedicated and inspiring teachers, and receptive and hardworking students with equally awesome friends. This outlook is backed up by research published by David Gillespie in his newest book: "Free Schools". You can listen to David on ABC radio here.

In addition to our tutoring page, these links are included here for the benefit of curious parents:

Opportunity Class Placement - DEC

Selective High School Placement - DEC

NAPLAN testing - DEC

ACARA (authors of the OC, SS and NAPLAN tests)

Educational Assessment Australia - UNSW ICAS Competitions

ACER - Scholarship Tests e.g. Newington, St. Andrews, Shore

Edutest - Scholarship Tests e.g. The Kings' School

Academic Assessment Services (formerly Robert Allwell and Associates) - Scholarship Tests (e.g. Barker, Trinity Grammar)

Excel online - OC SS and NAPLAN online testing

Selective Tests online

CS Online tests e.g. OC, SS, NAPLAN, writing

Trial Tests online - OC, SS

School Links

The My School Website

AIS - The Association of Independent Schools

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