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Dr. Megan Vazey is an ICT Professional, ICT Educator, Project Manager, Computer Engineer, Software Designer, Software Developer, Senior Software Consultant, Team Leader and Technical Writer. She has travelled, presented and worked in a variety of countries including Australia, New Zealand, Spain, Italy, Belgium, France, Malaysia, and the USA.

Megan is passionate about bringing positive impact technologies to the classroom. Her interests include MIT Scratch, Lego NXT and Mindstorms, Raspberry Pi, Minecraft and Arduino.

Having programmed in C, C++, Python, Perl, Java, Bullant, Javascript, PHP, HTML and with mySQL; Megan has programmed numerous embedded microcontrollers e.g. Intel 8086, 8088, 80386, Motorola 68302; on a multitude of operating systems including MTOS, VxWorks, DOS, Linux, Unix, and MS Windows; for a variety of technologies including telecommunications, high speed full colour 2D rendering, and voice over IP.

Megan's engineering thesis used the Nelder-mead algorithm and PID process control for control system optimisation. Her PhD in computing developed a collaborative Ripple Down Rules (decision support and knowledge acquisition) front-end. Later work applied a machine learning backend to fine-tune an artificial intelligence approach to optimisation. More recently Megan programmed in C++ on a linux environment in high frequency trading applications. A list of Megan's publications is provided.

Megan was the founder of the Eastwood Public School After School Maths Lab, and over the past many years has been a Chess, Maths, English, Computing and Digital Electronics tutor. As a long-term educator and mum of three, Megan is experienced in working with a wide variety of people. Megan has tutored in the school of Engineering at Macquarie University, and volunteered as a primary school ethics teacher. She has been a soccer team manager, an assistant hockey coach, a sunday school teacher, a surf lifesaver, and a sailing club helper.

Megan also looks after two chickens, and watches over a large flock of gazazzes.

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Fig 2. Blorb Tailed Floating Gazazz