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Techonauts Newsletter - Term 1, Week 1, 2014

Software and Robotics for Kids

In the news...

Article at io9: Feb 20, 2014: Scientists just created some of the most powerful muscles in existence.

Article at news.com.au: Feb 19, 2014: Could it be true that IT workers really raise the smartest kids

Article in the guardian: Feb 8, 2014: Why every child should learn to code

Article at Hacking Play: Jan 30, 2014: Lessons from the Blended Learning in K-12 Conference by Hacking Play

Article at Forbes: Dec 27, 2013: Teach Kids How To Code And You Give Them A Skill For Life

Article at live science: Nov 25, 2013: 3D-Printed Kidneys Take Small Steps Toward Organ Replacements.

Article at edutopia: Oct 10, 2013: 7 Apps for Teaching Children Coding Skills

Twitter news...

Fig 4. Tree Tailed Trap Gazazz