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Our Founder has been asked on numerous occasions whether she will tutor students. Techonauts has the capability and experience to tutor individuals and groups in English, Maths, Science, Computing, General Ability, Debate, and Public Speaking. We can help with Computer Assisted Learning software such as Mathletics, Maths Online, and Excel; and we can help with content such as UNSW ICAS, OC, SS and NAPLAN.

'Educe' as in 'Educate' means 'to draw out', and that's exactly what we aim to do. In general, kids are tonnes more creative than adults, and much smarter than most people give them credit for. We aim to build up their skills while letting them discover their own innate talents, creativity, intelligences and uniqueness.

However, before embarking on the coaching and assessment road, we strongly recommend viewing these inspiring and insightful TED talks, and thinking about your motivation for tutoring:

Raison d'etre

The reason why we are a Software and Robotics company, and not a tutoring company, comes down to philosophy. It is in our DNA to be creative, curious and thoughtful. It's in our DNA to learn and adapt. We believe that giving children and youth the license to be masters of their own destiny, in an environment of ever-so-slightly constrained creativity, nurtures the spirit that is so important in all of our life's endeavours. Children need a positive experience in learning so that they come to love it. We teach children to fish for knowledge, so that going forward, they can be self-motivated and self-sufficient life-long learners.

More information is provided on our assessment page.

Fig 3. Detector Tailed Mining Gazazz